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Francesca Zunino is an Italian fashion designer.

This has made Francesca Zunino a designer who has been able to consolidate herself on the national and international markets.

In Italy her garments are among the most exclusive boutiques such as Pupi Solari (Milano), Salino (Chiavari), PS1 (Loano), Verde Lilla (Turin), Gennaker (Portofino), Laura B. (Santa Margherita Ligure), Grimaldi (Genoa), G & B (Flero), Zia Luisa (Sestri Levante), Mari (Milan) and Valeria Boutique (Brescia).

Recently Francesca Zunino's creations, her sophisticated Made in Italy, have conquered the French market, becoming a permanent presence at the Workshop Paris, hotel Cercle R�publicain (coming from 30/9/2010 to 3/10/2010), and Japanese buyers (American Rag, L.C.M., Raconter) confirming their versatility and value, without boundaries.

The Look

Soft leathers, classic and elegant lines, timeless and original garments, these are the main ingredients of Francesca Zunino's collections.
An alchemy that comes from her creativity and intuition, but also from her passion for quality and attention to every detail.
Nothing is left to chance: the use of chamois, goat and shearling first choice leathers for the realization of unlined garments, characterized by a sharp cut.
Furthermore, the careful selection of the smallest details, such as handmade coconut buttons or papyrus labels make it unique and innovative garments.
The collection is handcrafted and dedicated to an ageless woman, elegant, feminine and dynamic. A classic woman yet original and seductive that desires comfortable and refined garments. Jackets, trench coats and ponchos that can be worn season after season with a timeless freshness and confidence.
Francesca Zunino's creativity, her style, her technique meet a further point of contact with the audience, thanks to the great offer of colors and more. The constant and passionate search of processing techniques, from more conventional ones such as hand embroidery, to the newer ones such as lasers, offer to customers the chance to further customize the product.

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