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founded by

Florian Ladstaetter

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Florian Ladstaetter


FLorian is a Vienna-based jewelry brand founded by Florian Ladstaetter.

FLorian designs range from simple beaded necklaces to epic sculptural body adornments. His pieces bring several concepts together with a wealth of references, theories, contexts and inspirations, inevitable with any design worth its merit, yet FLorian can be simply enjoyed too. References aside, its beauty speaks clear enough on face value.

The Look

FLorian jewellery does not assign its customer into a convenient bracket. It does not try to set categories, impose any manner of stereotype or push a certain market to identify with it. Rather, FLorian designs play with the references that others abide by, such as avante-garde, girlie bling, feminine chic and elegant woman.
The designs remain far enough detached from these stereotypes to put each of them to their best use, recognising that they are just a small component in the context of a larger creative whole. Thus, FLorian can offer customers the freedom to define and enhance their individual personality, rather than accept something that has been pre-determined for them.
Florian Ladstaetter studied two subjects at various times in his life – Advanced Metal Design and Philosophy. It is this marriage of intellect and artistic precision that makes a FLorian stand out. His academic capabilities are subtlety brought through in his designs, meticulously conceptualised and executed. More than just clever design, the pieces convey an acutely perceptive imagination and an inquisitive intellect.

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