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Filodoro is a brand with a long history and one of the most renowned brands in the international hosiery industry, a brand which stands out for the sheer width and variety of its product range and the products' excellent quality. Filodoro was established in 1982 in Casalmoro and in 1993 it was taken over by an American multinational company.

In 2003 Filodoro became part of the Golden Lady Company SpA group, at that time already a leading brand in the hosiery sector, joining such major hosiery brands like Philippe Matignon, already part of the group.

Elegance and up-to-dateness, comfortableness and resistance are the elements characterizing a brand that "picks" remembering 2 fingers pulling a pair of tights and makes any women who wares it dream.

Many collections of tights, stockings and socks both for woman and man - classic and refined, casual and fashionable � for any time of the day, for special occasions and for sports... for women and men of any age having different life-styles who always want to stand out!

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