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The company that is today known as Femilet was founded in Denmark in 1923 by Jens Krøjgaard. The company was originally a manufacturer of warm underwear and launched Femilet in the 60's.

In 1936 the company was extended for the first time, and the same year it opened its first shop in Bredgade 4, Herning, which is still owened by the company itself as one of their concept stores.

From 1992 till today Femilet has evolved as a production-oriented company to a modern market-oriented company with exports to several countries and since 1999 with its own distribution network.

The brand's mid-range positioning, enables a multi-circuit distribution including its own stores and enjoys a strong reputation in Denmark.

In 2010, Femilet was bought by the Chantelle Groupe which is one of the largest international lingerie groups, with their own production range and chain stores in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia.

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