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EQ:IQ is a French designed in-house brand, launched by GRI in 1999.

EQ:IQ is a play on the EQ, "the emotional quotient" and the IQ, "the intelligence quotient". The balance between these two aspects is core to every woman, representing the different layers of her personality whether it's expressive and creative or more intellectual and rational. EQ:IQ stands for well rounded, confident, independent women who are sure of themselves and not shy about expressing their creative side.

Currently EQ:IQ has a total of 27 ready-to-wear stores in China, Hong Kong and Macau. In 2008 EQ:IQ launched an accessory line to complement the ready-to-wear. Following it's success, accessory-only collections can be found in Asia under Sole Alliance as well as in EQ:IQ apparel and accessory stores.

EQ:IQ offers fashion, shoes and accessories.

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