From the moment Epure launched in 2011, this latest addition to the Lise Charmel group positioned itself in a new niche that was relatively absent from the market at that time: understated and discrete intimates. The brand’s cuts and aesthetics require cutting-edge design with a new approach to femininity and sensuality. Epure aims to attract a new type of woman, looking for minimalism, discretion and favouring an elegant style and understated luxury, with paired back lines that highlight the essential. This strategy presents new aesthetic and technical challenges for the group. In addition to designing clean and fluid lines, ideal for flattering the figure, the brand aims to offer a veritable sensorial experience, making garments a genuine pleasure to wear. Innovation comes in the form of fabrics, which look deceptively simple. At once luxurious, sensual, visual, tactile and comfortable, they appeal to the wearer’s emotions. To achieve this, Epure selects fabrics that feel wonderfully soft to the touch for unparalleled wear-comfort—like a soft caress on the skin—with perfectly flat, invisible finishes, and stylish colourways, imbued with femininity.

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