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Touche by Enrico Coveri takes to the runway in Milan in 1973. This is the debut of a creative talent destined to become a permanent feature of the world, not only of fashion, but of customs and taste Made in Italy.

In 1977 Enrico Coveri presents his first collection for women in Paris. The impact is immediate. The success overwhelming. The fashion press and opinion-makers pay tribute to this debut with an endless round of applause. The menswear collection comes straight after. Coveri, the 25 year-old enfant prodige becomes the sequin king.

In 1981 the activity of the Enrico Coveri house of fashion, which already boasts collections for women, men and children, as well as a range of jeans, is completed with cosmetics. 1982 is the year of the birth of the fragrance Paillettes (sequins), followed, a year later, by Enrico Coveri pour Homme.

In 1985 the young line named You Young Coveri is released.

In 1990 Enrico Coveri dies at just 38. His sister Silvana, who has always worked alongside him in the role of Managing Director of the house succeeds him.

In 1996 Francesco Martini Coveri, Silvana’s son and the most talented of Enrico’s nephews, makes his debut on the runway as Creative Director of You Young Coveri, proving that he has the right approach, passion for colour and spirit for fashion to guarantee continuity to the Coveri brand.

The Look

The brightness of colour and the prevalence of chromatism, the exuberant fantasy of prints, the taste for eccentricity and enjoyment. Then there’s the vivacity of the constructive lines and constant ornamental research. These are the guidelines of fashion by Enrico Coveri.
Coveri was a bold designer of young, fun-loving fashions. He blended strong colours into striking, clever designs of knitted tops and trousers that had a broad appeal. He was also known for including comic characters and pop art designs in his clothes.


1982 Paillettes (W)
1987 Enrico Coveri (W)
1987 Enrico Coveri (M)
1993 Firenze (W)
2003 Enrico Coveri Paillettes Classico (W)
2006 Enrico Coveri MI06 Man (M)
2006 Enrico Coveri MI06 Woman (W)
Enrico Coveri Paillettes 3 (W)
Kinky You Young Coveri Femme
Kinky You Young Coveri Homme

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