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Emma Cook


She began her company in 2000, and was successful right from the beginning. Stockists include Kokon To Zai in London and Beauty By in Paris.

Her recently launched denim collection was given a fresh feel with washed grey long shorts, drainpipes, salopettes and a bomber jacket with a quilted bird on the shoulders. She has also launched a bag and luggage range in leather and canvas and continues to collaborate with Top Shop.

The Look

Emma Cook�s eponymous line is inspired by a fictional muse named Susie. To create each season�s look, Cook imagines her young character traveling throughout time and the world, dictating the designer�s use of fabrics, prints, and detailing�which often include hand-painted and handcrafted touches. Past collections have included whimsical shapes, chintz accents, and draped jersey with laser-cut overlays.

Who Wears It

Rihanna, Angelina Jolie, Diane Kruger

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