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Ennio Capasa and OVS industry present EEQUAL, a project of “democratic fashion” where design and creativity merge creating fashion products for man and woman. This collaboration marks the beginning of a multiannual developing project.

EEQUAL, a brand created by Ennio Capasa merging the first letter of his name with the word that best defines the core of the project, will be available at the OVS industry stores in dedicated and personalized corners starting with the Spring/Summer 2011 collection.

Through EEQUAL, Ennio Capasa and OVS industry can communicate to the general public using a modern language and offering an accurate project thought of down to the last detail: from the structure to the atmosphere of the stores, from the displays to the packaging, from the layout to the communication strategy.

OVS industry, through a dedicated team of people, will add to Ennio Capasa’s creative contributions its consolidated experience in selecting, producing and distributing high quality products, renewed frequently and always presented at an “equal” price.

OVS industry will dedicate personalized spaces to EEQUAL in 120 stores with the ambition to expand quickly this important project throughout the network of stores. This September OVS industry will open its 500th store, the first of a series with a new concept, new colors and redesigned spaces.

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