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Dranella was founded in 1956 by S�s and Ib Drasb�k. The couple stood out in the Danish women�s fashion inspired by the young London fashion from the 1960s. Dranella was among the pioneers in the new Danish fashion industry and produced their own clothes on H�jvang Farm near Fredericia.

In 2000 it was sold to Fransa Clothing Company in Odense, which was later acquired by the Brandtex Group (BTX Group). Since 2012 Dranella is a part of the successful brand portfolio at DK Company A/S.

The Look

Dranella is all about personality and aims at the ageless, feminine and self-confident woman who always looks relaxed but well dressed. She is underlining her femininity with details and brings an edge to every outfit. Her passion is fashion in an understated yet trendy way.

The foundation of Dranella is caring about high quality materials and not least the right design and fitting of each style. The approach of the clothing is casual in a pure and unique European way created with soul and a true passion for details, fit and quality.

The Dranella girl shows her personality in every single outfit she wears - when it comes to outfits based on jeans as well as the feminine dresses. She mixes soft qualities with raw details, simple styles with very decorated and she cares about comfort and shape.

She is independent and makes her own choices regarding life, career and style. She sees life with stylish self-confidence and pays great attention to details, gorgeous quality and a strong personal look.

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