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Dockers is a brand of Levi Strauss & Co.

Levi Strauss & Co., famous for denim, introduced the Dockers brand in 1986 in which khakis would become the new alternative to dress pants and jeans for American men. "Nice Pants" was their introductory tag line. The Dockers-style pants, khakis, came into the workplace with the business casual revolution. One year later, Dockers introduced a women's line.

In 2002, Dockers khakis were found in the wardrobes of 8 out of 10 American men[citation needed], such popularity causing the Dockers brand to be, at times, synonymous with khakis. As a result, Dockers has recently adopted the "Dockers San Francisco" global identity and marketing campaign in an effort to evolve beyond the success of its khakis into into a full lifestyle resource, providing head-to-toe apparel for women, men, boys, products for the home and luggage. Under the current "Dress To Live" campaign, Dockers features four clothing specialties: weekend, work, dress, and golf.

Slates were a similar line of slacks that Levi introduced many years after Dockers.

As of early 2007, Dockers currently operates four retail stores in the United States: Mercedes, Texas, Napa, California, Ontario, California,Phoenix, Arizona. With many others in Latin America and Europe.

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