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The Dixie brand was founded in 1996, but the inspiration for its style and identity dates back to the 1980s, when Gianni Guastella and Silvia Mazzoli, trendsetters and industry professionals, set out to develop, produce and sell new research in style.

Gimme more! Gimme more! is the motto that encapsulates the spirit of those years. The young couple, partially persuaded by the demand unmet by the market offerings, departed on a journey of research. The London scene became a key source of inspiration and in those years, it was a hotbed of creativity and the cutting edge in fashion and lifestyles. It also ushered in the new Italian style. The design began with the intention to create a product packed with style, with high fashion content, accessible and new: an easy and �democratic� product.

A pivotal moment was meeting Massimo Frosini, a businessman from the men�s fashion world and with a great interest in breaking into the women�s fashion market. Thanks to the research, creativity and entrepreneurial intuition of Massimo, Gianni and Silvia��the Dixie woman was born.

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