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Frankie B


Dittos, the iconic American brand form the 1970�s is back. Under the creative direction of Frankie B�s Daniella Clarke, the brand was relaunched for Sprint 2007 encompassing the classic cuts that made Dittos famous and building on those pieces to create a full collection which is both decidedly modern and also romantic with a strong vintage perspective.

Always with a focus on style, sexiness and fun; women loved how the fit accentuated their curves and made them fell beautiful. This overall appeal made Dittos one of the most famous brands of the 1970s.

However, iconic brands don�t just fade away into obscurity forever. Dittos was poised for a comeback. In 2007, Frankie B. owner and Creative Director Daniella Clarke saw an opportunity in the marketplace to bring back a brand she personally loved and grew up with in California.

By using her instinctive knowledge as to what the next important fashion movement would be, Daniella relaunched Dittos for the Spring / Summer 2007 season to acclaim from retailers, press and fans both old and new.

The fir of �The Classic� has been modernized for contemporary women, and many other signature trouser silhouettes have also been added.

The Look

The original Dittos, which was launched in the early 1970�s was known as much for their legendary fit (high waisted, wide legged denim and trousers) as they were for their multitude of vibrant colors and their original retro prints.

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