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The Desigual project started life in 1984. At the age of just 20, Thom�s Meyer already had a clear idea in mind. He wanted a fun, original product at an affordable price. His first slogan was �Desigual is just not the same� and 20 years on, this continues to be the challenge and philosophy that guides his label.

In recent years, it has undergone huge growth with an annual 40% rise in turnover. Among the firm�s key assets are some 1,500 points of sale at multi-brand retailers, 700 in Spain, the rest in France, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Britain, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Lebanon, Taiwan and Japan. Over the last few seasons, the Desigual collections have appeared at the Who�s Next trade show in Paris and at Bread&Butter in Berlin.

The fashion house is also putting considerable energy into opening standalones, as one of its major growth routes. It currently has some 50 own shops in Spain, as well as several others abroad, in London, Singapore and Parma (Italy).

Desigual is already something of a household name in Spain and its logo is a familiar sight. Fun, fresh, authentic and rebellious, coupled with a sense of humour are the key brand values.

The Look

Desigual really took off in the nineties, with its distinctive collection of bold, colourful patterns, totally revolutionary designs and clever graffiti.

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