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Derercuny is a first tier fashion label under Samsung Fashions. Created in the year 2005, the creative hand behind this Italian line is Mina Lee, a 37-year-old Korean designer.

Derercuny belongs to two business giants, the Samsung Group, a company known for its electronics like television and cellphones; and Cheil Industries Company, which is involved in the textile and chemicals industry. Cheil directly owns the brand, aiming to develop luxury apparel in order to expand its reach beyond textile, as competition from India and China is tough.

Mina Lee was tapped by the company in year 2003, after she caught the attention of Cheil executives through a press feature published in Korea mentioning that Lee had worked with famous brands Fiorucci and Escada. The name “Derercuny” is thought up by Lee herself; initially formulated as ‘Derer Cuny,’ a fictitious name, Lee says it personifies the ideal woman whose nationality could be rooted in no particular race.

The Look

The brand has a kind of rock-hard idealistic approach in creating styles that are valiant, uplifting, spellbinding and totally adorning. It gives a whole new level of fashion advances that can bring us closer to the umpteenth faith and glory seeking style idealists approach to allow a sacred worship of stunning looks and the responsibilities that come along with it. We could also give the Alma Mater of Derercuny to associate it to have embraced geometry as the brainwave of a sensual and polished femininity achieved with the ardent collections and massive growth the designer clothing label reprimands itself with. Its design will become profoundly over-embellish and dictate a way to define itself contiguously.

Who Wears It

Jennifer Garner,

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