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Federico de Vera


Established in San Francisco in 1991 by Federico de Vera as a creative undertaking in lifestyle, de Vera has come to symbolize a singular point of view in the beauty of objects as well as display. Curiosity of the natural world, passion for collecting and presentation, and desire to evolve has resulted in the opening of two New York City locations in 2003 and 2010.

Federico de Vera travels the world buying everything from Japanese lacquerware and vintage Venetian glass to nineteenth-century Philippine Santos figures and European decorative arts. Contemporary work is interspersed among the antiques, as is jewelry created by De Vera from a combination of old and new materials. Highlights include a nineteenth-century Italian Carrera marble hand; an Italian Vetro Corroso vase by Carlo Scarpa, circa 1933; and a thirteenth-century Tibetan figurative temple fragment made of gilt copper. The mix is incredible, from architectural remnants to vintage and contemporary glass pieces to nineteenth-century dolls from India. But the real star is the jewelry. De Vera designs most of it himself, and, like his store, it’s a mixture of old and new in such a way that it’s a challenge to discern which is which. Rose-cut diamonds are De Vera’s obsession, in rings, earrings, hanging from leather cords, or set into a dazzling necklace.

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