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founded by

Laufer brothers

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De Fursac


Cration of the label by the Laufer brothers in 1973. It becomes a benchmark for good taste and quality ready-to-wear for men.

Buyback of the label by Edmond Cohen in 1990, a professional in the sector and expert in brand labeling.

Opening of the first Monsieur De Fursac shop in Paris in 1992 on the rue de Richelieu in the 2nd arrondissement.

In 2003 Edmond Cohen takes over operational management with an initial evolutionary step to do away with the term �Monsieur� preceding De Fursac. The decision is accompanied by a dynamic move to regain control by repositioning the label at the top end of the market via three strategic keywords: STYLE, QUALITY and renewed VISUAL IDENTITY.

Strengthening and refocusing partnerships with production sites, suppliers and department stores.

Opening of shops in Paris, boulevard St Germain, Nantes and Lyon in 2004. Launch of the �A vos measures�/�To suit you� department.

After an initial period of marketing with De Fursac and image consultancy work with Madelios, D�borah Taieb takes over the label�s Artistic Direction.

Opening of the 3th shop in Paris at 34, avenue de L�Op�ra, in the 2nd arrondissement in 2006.

Tony Parker joins the De Fursac team as ambassador for La French Etiquette.

In 2008 De Fursac opens an accessories concession in Printemps Haussmann.

De Fusac is expanding and revamping its concession in Velizy in 2008.

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