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David Dixon


David Dixon is a Canadian fashion brand founded by David Dixon in 1995. Starting out at the Toronto Fashion Incubator, a highly respected organization focused on assisting new designers, he began wholesaling and manufacturing his line and in 1999, David left the incubator to his own design and production studio based in Toronto.

Today, David Dixon is sold across Canada, the United States, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, Germany, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

The Look

The overriding theme in Davids's collection is luxury. His belief is that women respond first to colour and texture; when silhouettes are kept simple and modern, he can play with fabrics. For David, fabric is vital, so he takes care and pleasure in finding the perfect textiles. In his quest, he searches the globe each season for innovative materials and even creates his own signature fabrics. Ultimately, Davids's clothing combines luxury with functionality, and fantasy with sensibility.

Who Wears It

Jeanne Beker, Daria Werbowy, Meg Ryan, ennifer Love Hewitt

David Dixon Fashion Shows

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