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founded by

Emily Current &Meritt Elliott

belongs to

Serge Azria


In July 2008, Current/Elliott was born when the stylist duo of Emily Current and Meritt Elliott met with friend and visionary Serge Azria.The two parties learned they shared a similar vision of a new denim concept. With Serge's tremendous expertise and passion for globally innovative ideas and organically inspired projects, coupled with the girl's original style, a magical alliance was born.

Serge Azria, CEO, owner and Creative Director of Current/Elliott is an intuitive entrepreneur who strives to make a difference. Serge immerses himself in every collection and business venture. He seeks to harmonize innovative ideas, fresh talent and unique concepts resulting in a beautifully tailored product.

For over a decade, Emily and Meritt have been styling as a team for top publications and celebrities alike. Emily and Meritt share a fresh and fearless aesthetic. They believe in individuality, dressing without rules and mixing high and low with confidence and flair. As creative directors, they work with an expert team to see their distinct point of view and denim come in life.

Betsee Isenberg, owner of 10eleven showroom, has an incredible understanding for avant-garde and fashion trends. Her 10eleven showroom is the most credible showroom in the country. Being a close friend and respected associate of Serge Azria, Betsee’s expertise and collaboration have played a vital role in the development of Current/Elliott.

Taking a modern approach to the American classic, Current/Elliott seeks to transcend denim trends with its unique silhouettes, classic fit, and everlasting aesthetics. Constantly inspired by the past yet always looking to the future, Current/Elliott continually delivers its customers with more of what they have always loved – a distinct and timeless collection that promises to love an be loved for years to come.

The Look

Current/Elliott pieces are the perfect timeless fashion piece and give a pleasant alternative and breath of fresh air to an American Classic. Each unique piece is truly such and feels as through it's had a century's worth of wear. As with vintage, Current/Elliott promises to love and be loved for years to come and transcend denim trends with its everlasting aesthetics.

Who Wears It

Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Beckinsale, Nicole Richie

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