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Spirited, sassy, and fun, Crystal Rock redefines high-end casual wear for the stylish ingenue. Created by Crystal Audigier and her famous father, fashion designer Christian Audigier, Crystal Rock celebrates girls of all ethnicities, cultures and walks of life.

Crystal Rock is eco-friendly and every shirt is manufactured on 100% chemical and pesticide free organic cotton. Crystal has added her favorite style details of flock, foil and rhinestones to the original graphics. Crystal Rock has made a big splash with celebrities and retailers.

The Look

Designed as a reflection of Hollywood individualism, the bold and colorful designs embrace the spirit of youthfulness while creating a niche for edgy, wearable art. Every Crystal Rock shirt is an exclusive piece of original artwork. Christian Audigier has incorporated his signature style with the use of rhinestones, flocking and foil integrated with a female character as its muse. The message behind Crystal Rock clothing is simple; all women are beautiful regardless of race, creed, or color.

Who Wears It

Heidi Klum, Madonna, Brittany Spears, Jamie Lynn Spears, Mena Suvari

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