Sao Paulo
R. Vittório Fasano, 85 – Jardins
Sao Paulo – SP
+55 11 3082 3621


founded by

Cris Barros

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Cris Barros


At the helm of the brand is São Paulo-born, designer Cris Barrros.

After many years of experience at the fashion industry and a feeling that there was an opportunity in the market for her distinguished fashion, led the designer to establish her brand in 2002.

Today Cris Barros owns a store on Vittorio Fasano street and at Cidade Jardim Mall in São Paulo, it is present in the country's best multibrand stores, and has a special corner at Daslu.

The Look

Cris Barros has already become a reference for elegant women who want to dress in a distinguished, creative style. Its creations sport an apparent simplicity, but reveal a wealth of details and forms that are carefully built in moulage, special fabrics, and surprising finishings.

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