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founded by

Charles Frederick Worth

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Frederick Worth


Charles Frederick Worth closely linked the notion of seduction with that of utter refinement. The Courtworth Couture Lingerie Collections epitomized this link, using, in most cases, the same late 19th Century techniques.

The collections were designed by Giovanni Bedin, formerly an assistant to Karl Lagerfeld.

All of these elements, 30 hours of work per piece, 45 manual operations resulted in the most exquisite and unique pieces of lingerie that automatically follow body shape, curve with body movement and emphasize the hidden myth of seduction and femininity.

The Look

The lingerie lines were based on corsets, 100% hand engineered to create body jewels unrivalled in the industry. Some eye-catching details:
- Interwoven lace from Valence,
- topstitched knife-pleats,
- ruching and faux lacing,
- 19th Century hook-and-eye details on bra cups;
- flexible under-wires for a soft curve.


1932 Je Reviens (W)
1930's Dans La Nuit (W)
1966 Monsieur Worth (M)
1976 Fleur Fraiches (W)
1976 Requete (W)
1977 Miss Worth (W)
1981 Monsieur Worth (M) (new version)
1985 Dans la Nuit (W) (new version)
2002 Worth by Worth (W)
Launch date unkown - Impudence
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