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Costa Blanca produces a contemporary line of women�s apparel and accessories for the sophisticated, fashion forward career woman. When the first Costa Blanca boutique launched in 1995, it carried designer fashion brands acquired from various fashion capitals from around the world. Today, Costa Blanca designs, develops, and retails its own line of merchandise in over 70 stores across Canada and the Middle East.

Inspired by the sultry European lifestyle, Costa Blanca offers a sophisticated, chic shopping experience in a boutique setting. Set within a contemporary interior intermixed with rustic details, Costa Blanca boutiques have a designer shop look and feel. Costa Blanca currently operates 65 stores in Canada and seven in the Middle East with the goal being to globally position Costa as a leading fashion retailer.

Costa Blanca�s ability to consistently produce cutting-edge fashions is a result of a carefully developed retailing process. CMT Sourcing, Costa Blanca�s affiliated company, works seamlessly with the production management office and the Canada and Los Angeles based in-house design teams to provide consumers with exceptional and quick-to-market quality fashion. Always a step ahead of the trends, customers can expect to see runway looks in Costa Blanca boutiques six weeks later.


Arif and Lupe Noor opened Costa Blanca in 1995 after having been inspired by a small boutique they came across while on a trip to Mexico. Named after the small island off the coast of Spain, Costa Blanca had a warm and inviting atmosphere in a boutique setting. With a rustic interior and vibrant music playing, the first Costa Blanca boutique opened in 1995 at the Yorkdale Shopping Centre in Toronto. Costa Blanca carried unique fashion brands acquired from fashion capitals around the world.

The second Costa Blanca boutique opened in 1997 at the Bayview Village Shopping Centre in Toronto. Just like the first, this store carried the same novel designer fashions.

In 2003, Costa Blanca started to design, develop and brand their own line of merchandise. Keeping in line with their current customer base, the newly branded fashions continued to be trend right for the young, sophisticated career woman.

The trend towards the accessory market started to boom as fashionistas now shopped with a complete head-to-toe look in mind. In order to keep the boutique-like aesthetic that Costa Blanca was known for, Noor opened a separate footwear and accessories store. As an extension of Costa Blanca, Costa Blanca X became the place that fashion forward career women went to complete their Costa Blanca looks.

Clothing for Modern Times, Costa Blanca�s parent company, moved its buying and design teams from Toronto to a state of the art creative space in Los Angeles, California in 20008. With a new location in a key fashion city, Costa Blanca is sure to continue to stay ahead of the fashion curve.

The Look

The Costa Blanca woman is a trendsetter who is always on the lookout for sexy, cutting-edge fashions. With an acute understanding of these women of today, Costa Blanca seeks to fulfill their wardrobe needs: from work to play, daytime to nighttime, casual to formal.

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