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Costa Blanca X is a boutique footwear store that also carries related handbags and accessories. Costa Blanca X builds on the success of Costa Blanca, which was established in 1995 and now has over 70 stores in Canada and the Middle East. Costa Blanca X aims at providing the chic, sophisticated career woman with the latest trends in footwear and accessories.

Costa Blanca X offers an extensive range of current, on-trend fashion footwear, with new merchandise arriving in store every week. Along with their selection of handbags and other accessories, the footwear collection complements Costa Blanca�s clothing line which entices the customer to shop both brands for a complete head-to-toe look.

Light colors, natural finishes, glass and dramatic lighting give Costa Blanca X boutiques an atmosphere mix of organic warmth and contemporary elegance. There are currently ten Costa Blanca X boutiques in operation throughout Canada and one in Dubai, UAE.

Seven Costa Blanca X boutiques were launched in 2007. The first location was at Sherway Gardens just west of downtown Toronto.

Costa Blanca X currently has ten stores in operation across Canada and one in Dubai. It�s newest location opens in Fall 2009 at the CrossIron Mills shopping centre in Calgary, Alberta.

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