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Corleone Jeans has been making name for itself as the jeans of choice for Hollywood celebrities.

The designer behind the label is French Serge Ohana, who launched the label in 2002.

The fundamental idea of Corleone Jeans brand are made to measure jeans on a by-order basis. French designer of the brand Serge Ohana creates an individual love-story for each of his VIP-customers. The love-story is then embroidered on a belt which is sold together with jeans.

The brand sets itself apart from other haute couture jeans line with unusual designs and exceptional marketing to high profile client�le.

Also, as inspiration, the designer's time spent in Italy and the United States as sources for innovation are helping to set his first haute couture jean line apart.

The brand is represented in 200 shops in New York, Paris, Los Angeles, Geneva, San Paolo, Japan, Austria, Beirut and many other cities and countries. And the number of orders for Corleone Jeans collection surpassed absolutely all possible expectations. In Villa Moda boutique in Kuwait Corleone jeans collection was sold out only in one week�s time! The brand is rapidly expanding and advertising campaigns shot by star photographer Herve Lewis for these jeans of choice for celebrities can now be seen in fashion magazines like Cosmopolitan and Vogue.

Who Wears It

Penelope Cruz, Cameron Diaz, Vanessa Paradis, Leonardo DiCaprio

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