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Since its creation back in 1995, Comptoir des Cotonniers has been designing collections that combine modernity with timeless chic, creative flair with fashion trends. Comptoir aims to offer all free and open-minded women —across generations— an accessible and contemporary interpretation of fashion. The company attempts to appeal to both chic mothers and their fashion-forward daughters, even holding Online casting for the real-life pairs in their ad campaigns. Although the line is designed in France, the pieces are manufactured separately all over the world, in China, Bulgaria, India, Portugal, and beyond.


The first Comtoir des Cotonniers boutique opened at rue des Arts in Toulouse and rue Bonaparte in Paris in 1995.

In 2001 the first boutique abroad opened in Barcelona.

A lingerie and children’s wear line were launches in 2004.

In 2005 Comtoir des Cotonniers started developing boutiques internationally in Belgium, Germany, UK and Korea. One year later further boutiques opened in Italy, Portugal and Japan.

In 2007 the accessories line was launched.

In 2008 a line of homewear products exclusively made of organically grown cotton was launched. The result was an ultra-soft and comfortable cross-over top, nightie and trousers, chiné effect, 100% natural with refined decorative stitch finish.

Following the opening of its first boutique in New York in August 2008 on the so trendy Spring Street in SoHo, Comptoir des Cotonniers opened its first shop-in-a-shop in the department store Bloomingdale’s on the 59th street in 2009.

Comptoir des Cotonniers took up residence on the legendary Place Saint-Sulpice! Conceived as a left bank Parisian apartment, everything was designed to make women feel at home.

In the United States, the Greenwich boutique in Connecticut opened its doors in May 2010, followed by the Columbus store in November. In Switzerland, the brand opened its first two own brand stores in Lausanne and then Geneva. In France, the rue du Jour boutique has moved to 35 rue Etienne Marcel since November 26, 2010.

The Look

The silhouette combines natural femininity and refinement, the keywords for a creative approach in which everything is designed for women to feel at ease with themselves. Through constant attention paid to the cut, tonalities that subtly play with contrasts, exclusive prints every season and ultra-feminine details, the collections interpret current trends while preserving the very essence of the brand: a perfect balance between charm and style.

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