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Laurie Lemieux & Christine Gu�rin

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Laurie Lemieux & Christine Gu�rin


In 2007, Laurie Lemieux, an entrepreneur with a passion for creation and a degree in interior design, partnered with fashion-design graduate Christine Gu�rin, a costume designer and professional sewer. For over a year, this fresh duo has explored the many facets of recycled leather to maximize its potential and create exclusive pieces.

For the two daring craftswomen, everything is about texture. With that in mind, they get their inspiration from the life of used leather clothes to make jackets, vests, bags, hats, belts and a variety of Glam-Rock accessories.

Their styled and pure creations from subtly assorted materials and organic patterns easily match any style.

This winning combination has permitted their start-up business to experience lightning-fast rise within the industry. Besides being sold in fourteen locations across Canada, Cokluch is celebrating its three years of existence by adding a store to their workshop, at 410A Villeray St. in Montreal.

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