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founded by

Calvin Klein

belongs to

Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation & Swatch Group


In 1997, Calvin Klein and the Swatch Group merged their formidable talents to create cK Watch. The clean, contemporary, graphic lines of watches such as cK Dress struck a chord with the public, and the new, inimitable "watch as fashion accessory" was born. Today, around 200 different Swiss made designs for both men and women are on the shelves in over 60 nations.

The headquarter of cK Watch is located in Biel, the second largest town of the Canton Berne where also the head of Swatch Group is based. 64 persons are employed in Biel coordinating worldwide marketing, sales and distribution as well as developing and producing the cK watches.

The geometric creations from 1997 have now given way to more fluid, organic, sensual and integrated curves. cK dress xl, cK bold and cK flash, to name but a few, reflect this current desire. Inspiration is drawn from the world we live in: the touch of a stone, a flexible fabric, modern architecture, or a Calvin Klein bag can all end up on the wrist.

cK Watch radically changed the fashion segment of the Swiss watch industry worldwide. Many competitors have tried to attack it, but cK Watch remains the international leader due to the strategic price positioning made possible by the Swatch Group. cK Watch: one of the rare ambassadors of the Swiss watch industry in the fashion segment.


1978 Calvin Klein (W)
1979 Calvin Klein for Men (M)
1981 Calvin (M)
1985 Obsession (W)
1987 Obsession for Men (M)
1988 Eternity (W)
1990 Eternity (M)
1991 Escape (W)
1993 Escape (M)
1995 ck One (U)
1996 ck be (U)
1998 Contradiction (W)
1998 Contradiction (M)
2000 Truth (W)
2000 Truth for Men (M)
2002 Eternity Rose Blush (W)
2002 Truth Lush (W)
2002 Obsession Sheer (W)
2002 Crave (M)
2003 Eternity Purple Orchid (W)
2003 ck One Graffiti (U)
2004 Eternity Love (W)
2004 Eternity Moment (W)
2004 ck One Summer (U)
2005 ck Summer (W)
2005 ck One Scene (U)
2005 ck One Summer 2005 (U)
2005 Obsession Night (W)
2005 Obsession Night (M)
2005 Eternity Summer (W)
2005 Eternity Summer for Men 2005 (M)
2005 Euphoria (W)
2006 Euphoria (M)
2006 Euphoria Blossom (W)
2006 Euphoria Luminous Lustre (W)
2006 ck One Electric (U)
2006 ck One Summer 2006 (U)
2006 Eternity Summer 2006 (W)
2006 Eternity Summer for Men 2006 (M)
2007 MAN (M)
2007 ck One Summer 2007 (U)
2007 ck IN2U for Her (W)
2007 ck IN2U for Him (M)
2007 Eternity Summer 2007 (W)
2007 Eternity Summer for Men 2007 (M)
2007 Euphoria Crystalline (W)
2008 Euphoria Crystal Edition (W)
2008 Euphoria Men Intense (M)
2008 ck One Collector Bottle 2008 (U)
2008 ck One Summer 2008 (U)
2008 ck IN2U POP for Her (W)
2008 ck IN2U POP for Him (M)
2008 Eternity Summer 2008 (W)
2008 Eternity Summer for Men 2008 (M)
2008 Secret Obsession (W)
2008 Truth Sensual Bedtime Fragrance (W)
2009 ck One Summer 2009 (U)
2009 ck Free (M)
2009 ck IN2U Her Collectables (W)
2009 ck IN2U Him Collectables (M)
2009 ck IN2U Heat for Her (W)
2009 ck IN2U Heat for Him (M)
2009 Eternity Summer 2009 (W)
2009 Eternity Summer for Men 2009 (M)
2009 Euphoria Eau de Toilette (W)
2009 Euphoria Spring Temptation (W)
2010 ck IN2U Heat Her (W)
2010 ck IN2U Heat Him (M)
2010 ck One Summer 2010 (U)
2010 ck One We Magnets (U)
2010 Beauty (W)
2010 Eternity Aqua for Men (M)
2010 Eternity Summer 2010 (W)
2010 Eternity Summer for Men 2010 (M)

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