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Cia Mar�tima is an established Brazilian company founded on June 7th , 1990. It deals with beachwear, being the biggest company of the sector in Latin America. Cia Mar�tima has prominence in the market for, since the beginning, taking pride in creating a concept beach fashion, not only in manufacturing bikinis.

As a parent company with the Rosset Group, the biggest Lycra fabric producing company of South America, the brand uses the know-how that works as framework for the textile development of its products. Those are garments and accessories of the highest technology woven in exclusive prints. On such grounds, the company earned its share as the biggest trendsetter in this fiercely competitive segment. Brazil, in the past few decades, as become a worldwide recognized icon of avant-garde beachwear. With a huge coast, blessed with sunshine practically all year round, Brazil became a great laboratory of research and launchings of bikinis and accessories for rest of the world.

Cia Maritime Cia Capitalizes on this favorable environment by investing even more in the technological development of all its exclusive lines, so that each collection presents new fabrics and exclusive moulds that turn into reference in the hottest beach resorts of the country, also exporting its pieces to countries in Europe and the United States; it is the largest bikini exporting company in country.

Throughout these 18 years, Cia Mar�tima established an outstanding standard of quality in the beachwear industry. The perfect mould and the fashion content presented in astonishing and glamorous fashion shows, became a landmark in world of fashion.

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