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Chompol launched his initial women�s Collection in New York in 1995. In fall 1999, Chompol launched his first Men�s Collection, which was recognized as one of the most exciting new lines to watch and wear. The collection was featured in numerous prestigious publications.

Following his early achievements, Chompol launched his secondary line �Kitsch by Chompol Serimont� in 2002. The line soon became available in boutiques throughout the US and Japan. The flagship store opened in Bangkok in 2003 and instantly became the focus of the fashionistas. �Kitsch� was quickly approached and carried by The Emporium, Thailand�s premier department store.

The Look

Perhaps because his first collections were criticized as being too "accessible" (read: commercial), Serimont has leapt from boring to loud. He's parodied the popular polo-shirt look by infusing it with an obnoxious color palette (lilac, yellow, bright purple, orange) and cheeky fabrics (sateen, faux suede). One mockery that appealed to critics (but not the masses)�Serimont's infamous necktie sewn onto a dress shirt.

Who Wears It

Sarah Jessica Parker, Cyndi Lauper

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