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founded by

Guy Azoulay


Chevignon is one of the leading ready-to-wear French brands.

The Chevignon brand begins in the 1970s when young Frenchman, Guy Azoulay, revamps his old US Air leather jacket. He then established his clothing company, Chevignon, which produced modern, customised versions of aviator jackets, as well as clothes inspired by 1950s Americas style.

The label originally catered for a young, male clientele, but after making its way to the top of men’s Ready-to-Wear, Chevignon launched a children’s wear range, as well as the Togs Unlimited line in the 80s – the Chevignon trend of button down shirts and jeans are ubiquitous in the wardrobes of every kid and teenager.

Over the last few years, the brand has focused on modernising its clothing range for men, with 2 collections. Legend offers a casual, laid-back style, perfect for men looking for classic, well-made and easy-to-wear garments.

Unlimited, an exclusive urban range with a more contemporary feel, offers a simple yet elegant look. And lastly, of course, there is the iconic Togs down jacket, with its removable sleeves, leather shoulder pads and the duck motif embroidered on the back. This jacket has been a mainstay of fashion for 10 years now, and over the last two seasons has made a true comeback, with new models featuring different materials and creative and original colours and prints.

With 170 stores and more than 400 concession around the world, Chevignon has seen global success.


1995 Best of Chevignon (M)
Che by Chevignon (M)
Chevignon 57 (W)
Chevignon 57 (M)
Chevignon (M)
Chevignon CC (M)
2009 Forever Mine (W)
2009 Forever Mine (M)
2010 Forever Mine Into The Legend (W)
2010 Forever Mine Into The Legend (M)

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