12, place Vend�me
75001 Paris


founded by

Marie-Etienne Nitot


The House of Chaumet, founded in 1780, is a high end jeweler based in Paris. Their flagship store, at Place Vend�me in Paris.

Chaumet's rise to prominence coincided with the glory of Emperor Napoleon I. Marie-Etienne Nitot, founder of the House, proposed jewels that became symbols of the power and splendor of the Empire, nurturing Napoleon's mythic aura.

As the Emperor's officially appointed jeweler, Nitot designed the imperial sword, created audacious sentimental jewels for Empress Josephine, and then sumptuous tiaras and jewelry for Empress Marie-Louise.

The succession of the Nitots (father and son) was assured by the talented master craftsmen who headed their workshops. Fossin & Fils consecrated romantic jewelry inspired by the Italian Renaissance and 18th century France. The Royal Courts of Europe fell under the spell of these marvels, as did the painters, sculptors, writers and actors of the era.

Morel crossed the Channel to London, becoming an ambassador of the new style after the 1848 revolution, delighting dandies and becoming official jeweler to Queen Victoria.

As days of splendorous luxury returned he built up a truly prestigious clientele, ranging from Emperor Napoleon III and Eugenie de Montijo to Dukes Rochefoucault and Luynes, not to mention leading Parisian industrialists and bankers.

Joseph Chaumet gave his name to the House in 1885, becoming the uncontested master of the Belle Epoque and the diadem, an emblem of social status and fashion accessory. In 1907 he established his store at 12, Place Vend�me in Paris.

The 1920s saw the emergence of gar�on fashion and Art Deco, as jewelry took on a more geometric style. Marcel Chaumet succeeded his father during this period. In the post-war years Chaumet earned a reputation as a trailblazer, embodying inimitable Parisian taste and creativity.

Chaumet has been part of the LVMH Group since 1999 and has expanded with 70 stores around the world, designed by French architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte.

Chaumet's headquarters, a h�tel particulier at 12 Place Vend�me, was renovated in 2004 to enable direct access from the store to the 18th Grand Salon - classified as a national monument - and to the Chaumet Museum in the Salon des Diad�mes.

Today Chaumet perpetuates its tradition of exceptional savoir-faire with collections of fine jewelry, jewels and watches inspired by its distinctive codes to resolutely embrace modernity.

The notion of sentimental jewelry continues to inspire new collections with "Liens", the symbol of the ties that bind friends and lovers, "Attrape-moi si tu m'aimes", an incarnation of the game of seduction, "Dandy", evoking narcissism and elegance and "Le Grand Frisson", an abstract expression of love at first sight.

Crowned heads have been followed by modern-day princesses. The Chaumet myth is embodied by Sophie Marceau, the heroin of "L'Empire des Sentiments", the brand's new advertising campaign.


1999 Chaumet (W)
2001 Chaumet Homme (M)
2001 Chaumet L�eau (W)

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