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Charlotte Sparre has been developing designs in her own name since 1993. The company quickly established itself on the Scandinavian market with collections consisting of scarves and dresses which were different from comparable products because of their unique designs. Soon the brand became a trendsetter especially transformed the traditional idea of wearing a scarf. During the past 15 years Charlotte Sparre's design has become known and wide-spread in the rest of the world, and is today marketed on all continents.

The Look

The creation of unique and eye-catching patterns and colour combinations is the essence of Charlotte Sparre�s work. Charlotte Sparre, the designer, finds her inspiration by observing people and environments all over the globe. Traditional garments from one corner of the earth or a pattern on the ceiling of a church from the opposite corner of the earth are put together with fashion trends of the times. Out of this, intense explosions of colour arise with playful graphic patterns and prints which become dynamic handicraft in the form of scarves and unique clothing. The design is voluminous and ultra feminine and together with the collection�s oblique prints becomes a unique and personal work of art.

Who Wears It

Helena Christensen, Naomi Campbell, Alec Wek, May Andersen

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