38, rue du Hameau
75015 Paris


founded by

Rapha�l Levy & Joseph Bigio

belongs to

Groupe Vivarte


Rapha�l Levy and Joseph Bigio established the label Caroll in 1963. Originally named Les tricots de Caroll, the brand became renowned for its knitwear and especially for its high quality Shetland wool.

Thanks to the success of its creations, Caroll expanded its range of products in the eighties, with complete ready-to-wear collections for women. By 1988, the label was firmly established in France. A few years later, Caroll was taken over by the Andr� Group.

In 1994,the label�s name �Les tricots de Caroll� was shortened to just Caroll. A new name, a new look: the label became more �fashion,� attracting a new and more demanding clientele. The benefits of this overhaul became particularly apparent when the brand branched out overseas. What is that consumers like about Caroll? The fact that the brand retains the highest quality standards consistently. Caroll�s designs are sophisticated, high-end, but reasonably priced.

Today, Caroll is a part of the Groupe Vivarte.

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