Byblos S.P.A
3 Via Spiga
Milan, 20122
+39 02 762731


founded by

Sergio Girombelli, Arnaldo Girombelli

belongs to

Genny Group


Arnaldo and Sergio Girombelli established the Byblos label in the 1970s as part of the legendary design house of Genny. Byblos was made an independent company in 1983, the same year it expanded into menswear (Sergio is still with the company). Among the designers who have worked for Byblos are Gianni Versace, Richard Tyler, and Keith Varty and Alan Cleaver (Varty and Cleaver shared the lead designer position for 15 years). Their clothes are known for embroidery and special detailing that makes each garment unique, and many of their designs feature ethnic styles.

The Look

The new identity for the Byblos man and woman�s collections has a clear consistent style characterized by specific colour, material and line. The prints give a strong brand identity using innovative pattern and technique, matched with superlight knitwear and backed by extensive fabric research. A coherent style translating into a distinctive and individual image. This is the concept that sets the Byblos product apart. Wearability, immediate appeal and essential detailing are at the heart of the new Byblos world.


1990 Byblos (W)
2005 Blu Men Cool (M)
2005 Blu Men Enjoy (M)
2005 Blu Man Energy (M)
2006 Blu Happy Hour(W)
2006 Blu Light Fever (W)
2006 Byblos Man
2007 Byblos Women Water Flower (W)
Launchdate unknown Blu Wake Up! (W)

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