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founded by

Mauro Sani

belongs to

Massimiliano, Luca & Claudio Sani


Shoes created with passion for tradition, creativity and authenticity. Buttero is a way of life. Every pair of shoes is handmade in Tuscany where the company has its manufacturing plant. Influenced by the western-style since the beginning in 1974, the name goes back to the real cowboys of southern Tuscany. Today Buttero is a brand that expresses its values, the same ones it has developed in 20 yeares of activity: authenticity, tradition and creativity. People wearing Buttero want something characteristic; the longer you wear them, the more individual they get.


Mauro Sani, Buttero’s progenitor, in the ‚50ies, after a long experience in tannery, he started working on the production of his own brand. 10 years later he reached success when in Rome, Giuliano Gemma, famous “spaghetti western” actor, felt in love with his boots, created with small pockets for cigarettes and matches. In those years this style exploded, inspired by many productions of the movie industry.

It was in 1993 with the Mille Miglia that HP Italian Motor Shoes brand was promoted. Mauro Sani, enthusiast fan, created an official HP team, completely formed by specialists of this kind of race. They all drove with HP shoes to live as protagonists one of the best displays for vintage cars in the world. The result? “Not won” but the trial was successfully overcome by these incredible shoes.

It was with the second generation, since the first years of the ‘80ies, with sons Luca, Massimiliano and Claudio Sani that “Buttero” style shifted towards fashion trends, still maintaining it’s original handcraft methods and it’s artistic know how.

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