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The Burberry Sport line was launched early in 2010, to building on Burberry�s history of providing functional weatherproof performance wear and its heritage in supplying clothes for explorers and sportsmen since its foundation in 1856. Burberry is synonymous with quality, innovation and style with a unique British sensibility.

The sports collection also includes accessories including trainers, flip flops, watches and collection of nylon bags and is available in Burberry stores worldwide and online at Burberry.

The Look

Color palette includes Burberry iconic colors of black, red and white with seasonal highlights of grey, vermilion, dark yellow and marine blue. Details include bonded waterproof zips, mesh panels, reflective fabric detailing, seamless knitwear, and high gloss black hardware.


1981 Burberrys
1991 Society(W)
1991 Society (M)
1995 Burberry Men (M)
1995 Burberry Women (W)
1995 Burberry�s of London (W)
1995 Burberry�s of London (M)
1996 New Duo Lines (W)
1997 Burberry�s Weekend (W)
1997 Burberry�s Weekend (M)
2000 Burberry Touch (W)
2000 Burberry Touch (M)
2002 Baby Touch (W)
2003 Burberry Brit (W)
2003 Burberry Tender Touch (W)
2004 Burberry Brit for Men (M)
2005 Burberry Brit Red (W)
2005 Burberry Brit Red (M)
2005 Burberry Brit Gold (W)
2006 Burberry (W)
2006 London (W)
2006 London for Men (M)
2007 Burberry Summer (W)
2007 Burberry Summer for Men (M)
2007 Burberry Brit Sheer (W)
2008 Burberry London for Men Special Edition 2009 (M)
2008 Burberry London for Woman Special Edition 2009 (W)
2008 Burberry London Special Edition for Men (M)
2008 Burberry London Special Edition for Women (W)
2008 The Beat (W)
2008 The Beat for Men (M)
2009 The Beat EDT (W)
2009 Burberry Summer Men 2009 (M)
2009 Burberry Summer Women 2009 (W)
2010 Burberry Brit New Year Edition Pour Femme (W)
2010 Burberry Brit New Year Edition Pour Homme (M)
2010 Burberry Sport for Men (M)
2010 Burberry Sport for Women (W)
2010 Burberry Summer for Men 2010 (M)
2010 Burberry Summer for Women 2010 (W)

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