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Brunello Cucinelli S.P.A., the leading cashmere knitwear company, was founded in 1978 and is part of the Cucinelli Group. The company's products (high-fashion, luxury sector) are present on markets worldwide, with more than 60% of sales from exports.

Production of luxury goods of high quality for men's and women's. Craftsmanship and quality are the company's core values. Cucinelli’s clothes are usually described as “sporty chic.”

He got his start, in the eighties, by making cashmere sweaters in bright colors. These days, his sweaters are more likely to be in subtle shades of goat, and be more expensive. He has lately extended his brand into a wider range of sportswear and accessories.

Having dropped out of engineering school at twenty-four, Cucinelli has followed a self-imposed curriculum of study, which has resulted in his assembling a personal pantheon of sages, ranging from Socrates to St. Francis of Assisi and Pascal. Mentions Kant and Charlie Chaplin.

Continual innovation and research are the guiding concepts for Brunello Cucinelli, which is committed to attaining maximum quality. To this end, a large amount of the company's resources are dedicated to the study of experimental techniques for the creation of innovative prototypes and, in turn, a superior, technologically-advanced end product.

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