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A high quality and fashionable leg wear brand Founded by Alex Lee Wallau in America in 1957. It was expanded to the Netherland's market by Robert Puper in 1970.

Boonie Doon sensed the trend of knee socks becoming famous in the 70's. It quickly developed the product line for this and was well-known for being ""Bonnie Doon, the highest name in knee-hi's"

The 80's witnessed a rapid growth of the brand when it reached out to more unique designs and featured the familiar dog logo. Boonie Doon now offeres a wide variety of colorful socks and tights for women, men, and babies.

Boonie Doon also makes a huge mark in other countries. The brand is available in department store Faleries Lafayette, opened its first boutique in France in 2007 and is launching the eighth one soon. Boonie Doon desires to spread its passion through more continents in the future.

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