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founded by

Dirk Bikkembergs

belongs to

Mariella Burani Fashon Group


The second line known simply as Bikkembergs white label collection, was originally conceived (1996) as a response to market demand for more basic and more accessible styles in relation to the first line. It has since evolved into a full diffusion line, which can be described as casual city wear with a distinctive fashion edge.

The Look

Heavyweight fabrics and macho imagery quite literally dominate Bikkembergs' work. His best designs convey a solidity through their layering of leather and thick knitwear while still retaining the feeling of minimalist restraint that has come to be associated with Belgian fashion. Bikkembergs, although not the most prominent of the designers who formed the Belgian avant-garde of the later 1980s, is nonetheless a significant purveyor of their ideals. His clothing consists of dark and muted-toned separates that provide strong images of modern living, although his own work does not so frequently contain the deconstructed edge of his counterparts.

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