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Since 1895, the Berluti family has dedicated its existence to the making of shoes with incomparable comfort and elegance. Each creation is inspired by the dreams, demands and cultures of the exceptional men who once opened our doors.

The Alessandro lace-up court shoe was born in 1895.

Alessandro Berluti designed it, Torello transformed it over 30 years, Talbinio refined it and Olga reinvented it while clients over the years have ennobled it.

Executed in a single piece of leather without apparent stitching, the lace-up court shoe is a historic and emblematic model that symbolises the Maison Berluti and is the purest expression of its assertive style.

Olga Berluti, the only woman bespoke shoemaker in the world, having inherited the knowledge of her predecessors, Alessandro, Torello and Talbinio, only makes shoes for men and treats her clients as friends.

The art of making to measure, which has always been practised here, has greatly contributed to the House�s reputation and to that of its shoes, which a clientele of aficionados has raised to cult status. Berluti also offers pr�t-�-porter shoe collections and leather goods of unparalleled quality, comfort and creativity.

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