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Isaac Manevitz


Ben-Amun was founded by Isaac Manevitz and has had over 30 years of success with the exquistite line of fashion jewelry and belts.

The company is named after the designer's eldest son (Ben), and the King of Egypt (Isaac's homeland) named Tutankhamun.

The showroom (not open to the public) is located adjacent to the Manhattan factory in which all of Ben-Amun creations are put together under the watchful eye of its creator, Isaac Manevitz.

The Look

Isaac Manevitz has brought his love of sculpture to his collections by working with fine, unusual materials to create unique designs that are always original and never disappoint. Working with materials such as Lucite, pewter, glass and crystal, give him the ability to make his jewelry distinct and inspirational. His belts, made of the finest Italian leather, come to life with his beautiful casted buckles and detailing. His timeless and fresh designs continue to excite the industry and get stronger by the season.

Who Wears It

Kate Moss, Kim Kardashian,

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