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founded by

Christian Lacroix

belongs to

Falic Group


Bazar was born in 1994, complementary to the other lines but zapping more than ever between folklore and the different eras.

This is a collection that makes a daring take on proportion, lengths and materials. Knitwear is very important, very elaborate, with multi-cultural decorative patterns harmonizing together, all in daily citywear styles.

Teenagers have been an extremely important factor over the last ten years too.

This is the age when we are simultantously the most conformist and the most radical.

Resulting in trends, labels and looks born from music and sport. These codes are full of insider subtleties where there's no place for anything phoney. Teenagers run the show in teenage fashion.

And it influences the rest more or less successfully. Bazar is not specifically designed for the young. It's a complementary and a little less expensive way of putting together a wardrobe, anchored in the reality of consumer-buying with a touch of fantasy.


2002 Bazar (W)
2002 Bazar (M)
2003 Bazar Summer Fragrance (W)

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