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founded by

Sibylle Genin & Lambert Perera Cortes

belongs to

Sibylle Genin & Lambert Perera Cortes


Baron Baronne is born from a duo of two young dynamic people from different creative horizons who managed to merge their univers and their influences to propose an unique style.

Sibylle Genin and Lambert Perera Cortes decide to pursue their artistic cooperation by creating their own line under the name Baron Baronne in 2007.

The Look

Baron Baronne work on coad features, in search for a modern style, without boundaries where woman and men, unashamed, accept their sophistication.
Baron Baronne presents a garment based on the recuperation of mens classics that both creators revisited and modernized.
The ladies line enriches from the �eternal� masculine, like the suit, which is a basic of work for each collection.
This modern approach of fashion is the fruit of a reflection and a meticulous work of analysis
on the cloth itself.

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