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In 1993 Hugo Boss AG in Metzingen founded the men�s luxury label BALDESSARINI, named after Werner Baldessarini, its creator and head of design Werner Baldessarini.

In 1994 the first Baldessarini Collection comes onto the European market.

In October 1996 the bar owner Charles Schumann, known worldwide through his cocktail book, is discovered as a Baldessarini model and thus becomes the face of Baldessarini in 20 countries.

In 1998 the Baldessarini spring / summer catalogue is photographed for the first time and uniquely by the famous designer and photographer Karl Lagerfeld.

1999 the first Baldessarini flagship store opened in Amsterdam.

One year later a second Baldessarini store opened in Frankfurt on Opernplatz. In October 2000 Baldessarini extends its range and, as well as the classic collection, introduces an exlusive lifestyle collection. Consisting of handmade accessories, such as Backgammon, Boules or Mikado.

In October 2002 Baldessarini starts its first successful advertising campaign with celebrities. Baldessarini launches its first men�s fragrance �BALDESSARINI Eau de Cologne� in October, with the slogan �Separates The Men From The Boys�.

In January 2003 the new Baldessarini fragrance is awarded two sought-after Fife Awards in the categories Haute Couture as Best Flacon. This is the first time that a perfume crated by a German designer has won this famous prize. Entry into sailing sponsorship. In June the luxury label Baldessarini supports the team of Javier Domingues Banderas for the first time in the Regatta Copa Del Rey in Spain.

In 2004 Baldessarini wins the Fifi Award again in Spain. This time in the important category packaging and advertising. Baldessarini becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of Hugo Boss. In order to open up further potential for growth and to reinforce the independence of the designer label, in June Baldessarini moves its company headquarters from Metzingen to Munich.

In August 2005 the first shop-in-shop concept opens in the exclusive department store �KaDeWe, Berlin.�

On March, 28th 2006 Werner Baldessarini and Mohi-Din Bin Hendi opened another Baldessarini store in the bin Hendi Avenue in Dubai. On a surface of 124 m�, the new shop concept in the characteristic noble interior was presented.

On May, 8th 2006 a Baldessarini store opened in Almaty (Alma-Ata, Kasachstan) in a 140 m� location on the ground floor of a 150-years-old building where the brand makes a dazzling impression.

On August, 15th 2006 another Baldessarin store in Moskau opened in the Crocus City Mail, Section 64. The collection and its accessories are presented in the characteristic store concept at a wonderful 57 m� location.

On August, 24th 2006 the Baldessarini GmbH & Co. KG is sold to the Ahlers AG � Europe-wide the second largest producer of men�s wear. Werner Baldessarini remains head of design and in charge of marketing further on.

In April 2007 another Baldessarini store opens in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan.

In June 2007 Thorsten Stiebing becomes the new managing Director of Baldessarini GmbH & Co. KG as a member of management form Lagerfeld, Mr. Stiebling spent 11 years in charge of product and sales before moving to Porsche Design as the Senior License Manager.

Werner Baldessarini quits his advisor function at Baldessarini GmbH in Munich, but maintains a close link with the after his name labeled company.

The Look

The Baldessarini Signature represents the successful and confident man. It stands for individuals, cosmopolitans and gentlemen who don�t feel the need take themselves too seriously. The collection is crafted in traditional sartorial fashion, in which unconventional styles and a passion for detail are fused with exclusively selected materials.
The collection delights with ultra-light silk suits and half-lined cashmere-linen blazers, washed-leather bomber jackets and nylon jackets with leather embellishments. Distinctive details like perforated leather, contrasting under collars and pocket pouches are fashioned from tie silk and the club blazers are given lavishly adorned buttons. The harmony of the colour pallet is accentuated by powerful tones.


2002 Baldessarini (M)
2007 Ambr� (M)
2007 Del Mar Baldessarini (M)
2007 Del Mar Caribbean (M)
2008 Del Mar Marbella Edition (M)

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