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founded by

Jeff Clyman

belongs to

Marc Ecko Enterprises


Since 1975, Avirex has been at the forefront of fashion with authentic American aviation-inspired design with the best quality and manufacturing. Avirex, which stands for "Sky King," has supplied the NASA Dryden Space Flight Center and all of the U.S. Armed Forces for over 25 years with combat aviation gear under direct contract with the Defense Department. Avirex jackets have been featured in movies such as Top Gun, Star Wars, and Terminator. Avirex is a true pioneer in creating and maintaining the "authentic American look."

Since its acquisition by Marc Ecko Enterprises in 2005, Avirex has developed into a full sportswear collection. Avirex?s strategy is to take a globally-recognized cache brand rich in aviation heritage and luxury aspirations, then add trend-right fashion, unmatched advertising & marketing, higher quality standards with attainable price points. The result is an undeniable value for the active youth lifestyle consumer.

In 2006 all Avirex branded military and classic apparel was discontinued and transferred to a new Clymans company, Cockpit USA.

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