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founded by

Alberto Aspesi

belongs to

Alberto Aspesi Inc. & Grayling


In 1969 Alberto Aspesi founded A&D-Camiceria of Alberto Aspesi, which became Bagarre of Alberto Aspesi in 1973, and finally carried only his own name in 1990.

The brand consist of eight lines. The company's premises are in Legnano.

In September 2002, an agreement with the designer Lawrence Steele for the manufacture and marketing of the firm's lines took effect with the Spring-Summer season.

In April 2003, Intek, owner of 50% of Alberto Aspesi Inc., sold its shares to Grayling, a company that is part of the group 2G Investimenti. The transfer to the new group, directed by Giuliano Tabacchi, costs €21 million, liabilities included. The remaining half of the capital stock is still owned by Aspesi.

The Look

The Aspesi style was always known for the basics, though with the line This is a door, here is a sea it adjusted to more trendy needs: high-tech materials, creased velvets, and lots of colours, which certainly didn't characterize the other lines.

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