MADIVA-Maglierie di Valdengo sas
Via Q. Sella 132
13855 Valdengo (Biella)
+39 015 881812


Created ten years ago, Artimaglia is the little sister brand to the Italian family firm Madiva (which has been producing underwear since 1953), from which it has inherited a wealth of textile knowledge. From the outset, the Botta family selected the finest natural fibres (silk, wool, Egyptian cotton and MicroModal) to manufacture fabrics and finished lingerie articles in their Valdengo-based factory (not far from the famous wool capital, Biella). Like Madiva, Artimaglia proudly offers garments that are entirely and exclusively Made in Italy. Designs feature a definite seductive side which Artimaglia takes a little further than the mainline collections. In addition to the finest lace and embroidery, garments often showcase hand-finished lacing which further enhances their femininity. Keeping a close eye on fashion, Artimaglia translates the very latest trends, in terms of both shape and colour, daring to make bold choices (such as teal and deep violet, etc.). Resolutely upscale, the brand often toys with transparency for ultra-chic intimates to accompany even the most exacting clients with unrivalled elegance.

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