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The Arlotta brand has stood for luxury since its founding in 1992. Designer Chris Arlotta, a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, has designed, produced and distributed some of the finest lingerie in the world. The designer’s quest for fine lingerie took her throughout Europe for the finest quality textiles in Lyon and Paris. Arlotta’s first Atelier in Arezzo, Florence began her love affair with sumptuous fabrics, and where the designer fell in love with her signature product — luxurious cashmere. Her next stop was Inner Mongolia, home to China’s most exceptional quality cashmere.

Cashmere, throughout history, has been known to be the fabric of royalty. In contemporary times, cashmere has consistently been revered as a high quality and beautifully luxurious product. Anyone who has the opportunity to own a cashmere robe or lounge set from Arlotta will know when the cashmere embraces them.

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