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founded by Mariella Burani Fashion Group

belongs to Mariella Burani Fashion Group

about In 2000 project initiates for the creation of a vertically integrated leather goods division within MBFG

From 2000 till 2001 acquisition of firms with significant know-how in leather goods "Made in Italy".

In 2001 a subholding of MBFG led by qualified, dedicated management focusing on leather goods was established.

establishment of a subholding of MBFG led by

In 2003 LCapital acquired a 30% strategic equity interest.

As a result of a process aimed at streamlining Group structure, Antichi Pellettieri assumed this name and became an operating holding company in 2004.

in 2005 Antichi Pellettieri undertook a series of transactions aimed at reducing minority shareholdings within the Group.

MBFG sold 3,3% of Antichi Pellettieri to Itochu, a japanese trading company with numerous interests in the luxury goods industry, as a means of accelerating growth in Far Eastern markets in 2006.

AP acquired a 51% controlling interest in Coccinelle S.p.A., with a renowned brand, 55,3 million of revenues in 2005 and 50 boutiques.

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